CLA201H1 Lecture Notes - Autopsy, Anatomical Terms Of Location, Mixed-Sex Education

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2 Feb 2013

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Lecture 2
January 9/2013
CLA 201
Chapter 1: Definitions, pages 3-8 in the textbook
- From the first class
Unit 2
- Prefix, text page 5, #4
- See text page 67
- Latin prefixes, text pages 68-74
- Ab
oAway from (very rarely abs)
I.e. abstract, aberration, aversion, abstract
- Ad
oToward or to
i.e. ac-c, af-f, ag-g, al-l, an-n, ap-p, as-s, at-t
stays ad in some instances, but is adsimulated into others
NB: AD-simulation = AS-simulation accommodation, affluent, aggregate, annex, appetite
oMotto a mari (sea) usque (all the way) ad mare
- Ambi
oAround, on both sides (also, amb-, ambo=both)
i.e. ambition, ambiguous, ambient, ambidextrous
cf. LAT confer = together carry,
cf. GRK amphi
cp. LAT compare = together provide
- Ante
oBefore (time or place, cf. GRK anti = against)
i.e. a.m. = ante meridiem, before midday, antecedent
anterior, antero- = more before
- Bi
o (L bis) = twice (bin-)
i.e. bilateral (latus = side), binocular (oculus = eye)
oproblem: bimonthly = every two months or two times per month
obiennial = lasting two years or occurring every two years OR appearing twice in one
N.B. L biennium = period of two years
oSolution: semi- for twice per mensem, per annum, etc.
- Circum
i.e. circumference (ferre = carry), circumscribe (scribere = write)
- Co
oWith, L cum
oAlso, col-l, com-m, con-n, cor-r
i.e. coeducational, commercial, coordinant, corrugated
- Contra
oAgainst (counter-)
i.e. pros and cons, contraceptive (taking something against nature),
- De
o(down) from (cf. Ab)
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