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Lecture 13

CLA201H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Seminiferous Tubule, Scapula, Sedative

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John Traill

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Lecture 13
Lecture Topic:
1. Scand-/scans- = climb, e.g. ascend, descendant
2. Scapula = shoulder, e.g. scapula, compounds
3. Scind-/sciss- = to cut, e.g. scissor, rescind, scission, (c.f. -CID/CIS- or FIN-/FISS-)
a. Sciss/or = to cut/agent
b. Re/scind = back/cut
c. Sciss/ion = cut/action
4. Scire/scit- = to know, scientia = QCS of knowing = knowledge, e.g. science, scientific, conscious,
subconscious, prescient
a. Sci/enti/fic = to know/-ing/to do or make
b. Con/sci/ous = with/to know/quality or nature of
c. Sub/con/sci/ous = under/with/to know/quality or nature of
5. Scrib-/script- = to write, e.g. scribe, subscription,
a. Sub/script/ion = under/to write/action or c.r.f.a
6. Secare/sect- = to cut, e.g. secant, section, bisect, sector, segmentum = part, e.g. segment,
insectum, e.g. insect, insecticide
a. Sect/ant
b. Sect/ion = to cut/action or c.r.f.a
c. Bi/sect = twice/to cut
d. Sect/or = to cut/in a state or condition of
e. Seg/ment = to cut/action
f. In/sect = in/cut
g. In/secti/cide = in/to cut/kill
7. Sed-/sess- = to sit, sedare = to make sit, e.g. session, obsession, sediment, sedative, supersede
a. Sess/ion = to sit/action
b. Ob/sess/ion = in the way/to make sit/action
c. Sedi/ment = to make sit/action
d. Sed/at/ive = to sit/to do or perform/quality or nature
8. Senex/senis = old person, e.g. senile, senate, senescent
9. Senti-/sens- = to feel, perceive, e.g. sensation
a. Sens/at/ion = to feel/to do or perform/action
10. Sequ-/secut- = to follow, e.g. sequence, consequence, secunda/us/um = following, e.g. second,
socius = associate, sociology
a. Sequ/en/ce = to follow/-ing/QCS
b. Con/sequ/en/ce = with/to follow/-ing/QCS
11. Se-/sat- = to sow, semen/seminis = seed, e.g. semen, seminary, disseminate, seminiferous
a. Se/men = to sow/action
b. Dis/semin/ate = apart from/to sow/to do or perform
c. Semini/fer/ous = to sow/carry/nature or quality of
12. Se-/ser- = to join or to bind (cf ligare, jungere, nectere), e.g. insert, assert, desert
a. In/sert = in/to join
b. De/sert = down from/to join
13. Series = chain of things, e.g. series, serial, seriatim
14. Serp- = to creep, e.g. serpent
a. Serp/ent = to creep/-ing
15. Serra = a saw, e.g. serrated
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