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CLA201 Latin Unit 15

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T- to V (pp 126-131)
torpere = to be stiff or numb, torpor = numbness,
e.g. torpor, torpid, torporific
torquere/tortum = to twist, e.g. torsion, extorsion,
contortion, distort, tortuous, torque
torus = swelling (architecture, botany, zoology, geometry)
tota/us/um = all, e.g. total, totalitarian
trahere/tractum = to haul or drag, e.g. tract,
traction, tractor, protractor, extract, retract, contract
tremere = to tremble, e.g. tremor, delirium tremens
trudere/trusum = to thrust or push, e.g. extrude, intrusion
tuba & tubus = pipe, e.g. tube, tuba, tubal, intubate
tuber/tuberis = swelling, e.g. tumour
tundere/tusum = to beat or strike, e.g. contusion, obtuse
turbare/turbatum = to disturb or agitate, turbo/turbinis = whirlwind
e.g. disturb, turbid, turbidity, turbine
turgere = to swell out, e.g. turgid, turgidity
tussis = a cough, e.g. pertussis

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CLA201 H1SLATIN UNIT 15 T to V pp 126131 torpereto be stiff or numb torpornumbnesseg torpor torpid torporifictorqueretortumto twist eg torsion extorsioncontortion distort tortuous torque torusswelling architecture botany zoology geometry totausumall eg total totalitariantraheretractumto haul or drag eg tracttraction tractor protractor extract retract contract tremereto tremble eg tremor delirium tremens truderetrusumto thrust or push eg extrude intrusion tubatubuspipe eg tube tuba tubal intubate tubertuberisswelling eg tumour tunderetusumto beat or strike eg contusion obtuseturbareturbatumto disturb or agitate turboturbiniswhirlwindeg disturb turbid turbidity turbine turgereto swell out eg turgid turgidity tussisa cough eg pertussis
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