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Published on 18 Oct 2010
10/4/2010 Adrian Lai
- Generation before Zeus
- Older deity
- Aphrodite enjoys power in KIpera and Cyprus
- Birth:
1. Zeus and Dione (she-zeus)
o Dione as the consort of Zeus at Dodona
Paired with Zeus
o If Aphrodite born from Zeus and Dione
Aphrodite is not under the generation after Zeus
Not an older generation
- Important Aspects:
o Sex, love, beauty, fertility
o Sea
o War
- Aphrodite Urania (Heavenly) - celestial love
- Aphrodtie Panemos (of all people) ± physical
o Plato imposes orer where there was none
- Philosophical approach: two Aphrodite, keep separate the notion of Love and sex
- Connected to the sea
- Connected to war
o Sparta
o Cythera
o Kippera
- b/c story changes to meet the changes in society
The Graces (charities):
- loveliness personified
o beauty
o charm
o grace
The Horae (the hours)
- daughters of Zeus
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Document Summary

Aphrodite enjoys power in kipera and cyprus. Birth: zeus and dione (she-zeus, dione as the consort of zeus at dodona. S paired with zeus: if aphrodite born from zeus and dione. S aphrodite is not under the generation after zeus. Important aspects: sex, love, beauty, fertility, sea, war. Aphrodtie panemos (of all people)  physical: plato imposes orer where there was none. Philosophical approach: two aphrodite, keep separate the notion of love and sex. Connected to war: sparta, cythera, kippera. B/c story changes to meet the changes in society. The graces (charities): loveliness personified: beauty, charm, grace. Cla204 eventually thought of as seasons involved with the arrangement of things everything has its proper moment. Originally a god of lampsacus (a city in asia minor, near troy: area gave birth to many fertility gods. Worship spreads to greece in the third century bc; thence to italy, where priapus is connected with a local italic god.