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18 Oct 2010
Goddess of the wildness: ³3RWQLD7KHURQ´0LVWUHVVRI:LOG$QLPDOV
- Sister of Apollo
- Never falls in love
- Devoted to hunting
- Chaste virgin
- Huntress: golden arrows ± rejoicing in the chase
- Both Hymns show the different areas of worship of Artemis
NOTE: Mainland hymn (Delphi vs Asia Minor (meles, Smyrna, claros)
Mainland Hymn: no reference to the city
Asia Minor: very likely composed of the Asia minor
Birth of Artemis and Apollo:
- Artemis: Goddess of Childbirth
o Artemis and the deaths of women
o Assists in the birth of her brother
o Punished swiftly to anyone who she believes has betrayed her
Fail to meet her standards Æ not going to turn out good
o Some of the cult-titles:
o If you link yourself to Artimis: you become linked with her forever
- Hymn to Apollo
o Travels to fearful places
People turn away Apollo because he is the son of God and therefore he
might be an angry God
Eventually reaches 'HOR¶VSDODFH
The birth, and the absence of Hera and Eileithyia
x Iris the Messenger convinces Eilethyia to come help with the child
x Eileithyia agrees to help with a necklace
- Niobe and her children (Niobids)
o Queen of thieves
o Artemis and Apollo goes to PDVVDFUH1LREH¶VFKLOGUHQ
o Punished Niobe because she insulted their mother
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