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CLA204H1 Lecture Notes - Pomegranate, Homeric Hymns

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Claesson Welsh

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Large Flower blooms
Hades open the ground and takes her to underground
Demeter spend 9 days looking for Persephone
After 9 days he
Lives among the Mortals
Daughters of King bumps into Demeters
Matinera freaks out when she finds out that Demeter is helping haling the child a God
Demeter orders the people of the cuty to stay around with Demeter until it is finished
Demeter stays for another year
When the statue was finished
Wont return to Mt.Olypus until he sees Persephone
Demeter is convinced by all the Gods to come home to Mt. Olympus
Must come back
He gives Persephone: Pommegranite seed so she HAS to come back to the
Demeter returns fertility to the earth
Zeus asks Hades to return Persephone
Walks to well
Demeter is angry, abandon's Gods
Provides the information of the abduction of Persephone
Homeric Hymn:
Interpretation of the Myth
Agricultural Allegory:
Growth of wheat, Demeter
The experience of Greek Madens (parthenos)
One level: human story that describes the God's madams
Persephone as Greek Bride and yet not?
Life and Death:
Death of childhood
Pomegranate seed resents perfect
Demeter as grieving mother:
Earth's life and death:
Fertility and Agriculture
Between both worlds
Mother had to give up dautgether will little say in the matter
Death was a frequent event in Antiquity
Persephone's marriage to Hades can be seen as death
Persephone goes back and forth in both worlds: represents LIFE AND DEATH
Persepone: lives in both worlds, but belongs in neither two
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