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chapter 4

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Claesson Welsh

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Sep 22, 2010
Creation Myths Ctd
-The Titans
oHesiod names twelve Titans; some more important than others
oOceanus and Tethys > Oceanids (spirits of waters)
oHyperion and Theia
Helius (sun-god)
Selene (moon)
Eos (dawn)
oHelius son Phaethon
-Castration of Uranus
oYoungest Titan; Cronus who was ‘wily
oUranus puts children born from Gaia back into her; doesnt allow them to emerge
Some say that he shoves them back into the womb/or putting them back into the
oGaia, in pain, fashions a sickle which Cronus takes
oWhen Uranus next went to Gaia, Cronus castrates Uranus and throws the genitals away
From genitals = various divinities and forces; Aphrodite
oOverthrow of older generation, rise to power of younger children
oTheme of overthrowing older gen through trickery
-Birth of Zeus
oGaia + Uranus = Cronus, Rhea; Cronus + Rhea = Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, Poseidon,
oCronus swallows his children b/c told hell be overthrown by one
oRhea gives birth on Crete @ Lyctus; hides Zeus @ Mt Dicte/Mt Ida/Mt Aigaion
Many ppl want to lay claim to myth b/c then their mountain would be connected to
Cronus swallows rock dressed as a baby instead
-gods becoming progressively anthropomorphic; more like humans
oZeus and siblings; Cyclopes; Hundred-Handers (at end after Gaia advises to release them)
vs Titans
oDefeat Titans and imprison them in Tartarus
oHundred-Handers as their guards (too monstrous to allow to remain on earth)
oIntense war, shakes the earth
oZeus and siblings become rulers of universe
-Gigantomachy (battle of gods and giants)
oZeus and Typhoeus (volcanoes) > kind of earth-born dragon-man
oCivilization vs savagery; wild nature vs divine order
-Creation of mortals and five ages
oNo single dominant story about creation of mankind
oOvidian humanity (metamorphoses 1.76-88)
Ovid summarizes several diff versions
oFive ages or decline of the world
No work/strife; have everything; die is sleeping peacefully; become benevolent
spirits who roam the earth
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