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chapter 8

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Claesson Welsh

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Oct 1, 2010
-Erechtheion: main worship place for Athena
-Owl her symbol; in Athens coins have her profile on one side and the owl on the other
-Zeus swallowed mother (Metis) while preg b/c afraid that son would overthrow him
oAthena born from his head; is his favourite
oBorn in full armour; leaped from his head
oIn some versions she does so w/ a warcry as well
oHephaestus the axe-wielding midwife; who cracked open Zeus head
- Metis = wisdom, council, advise, cunning, craft
oAthenas wisdom, war, the loom
-Zeus often uses Athena as rep of his will
-Born from Zeus, emphasizes her masculinity; she never marries or bears children
-Athena and Poseidon
oDoesnt have much of a childhood
oContest for supremacy in Athens and Attica
oBoth present the cities w/ gift
oPoseidon: a salt spring (strikes earth w/ trident)
oAthena: olive tree (strikes earth w/ spear OR in other accounts she just plants it)
-The Erechtheion; w/ an olive tree that Athenians claim that Athena had grown; also include spot
where they say is the spot where Poseidon struck the earth for the salt spring
-Parthenon and Erechtheion on a rocky outcropping high above the city
-Parthenon: built b/w 447 and 438 BC
oEmbodies Greek triumph
-Panathenaia Festival: in honour of Athena
oProcession through city: through gates of acropolis, through sacred precinct w/ tribute to
oBegan to include athletic games later on as well as parade
oPrizes at Panathenaia: to remind them of Athena Panathenaic Prize Amphora that was
also filled w/ olive oil, which was very valuable > one side has Athena in full armour
-Reconstruction of Parthenon in Tennessee
-Original Athena statue 12metres high (nearly to temple ceiling)
oSurface of gold and ivory
oHand: statue of Nike, goddess of victory
-Epithets of Athena: Tritogeneia
oPallas Athena Tritogeneia
oTrito: means head in a dialect of Greek OR Triton; originally a water-goddess?; or her
birth at Lake Tritonis in Libya or river Triton in Boeotia
Tritogeneias meaning is actually unknown
Connection b/w Triton, Amphitrites, Tritogeneia
oAthena, goddess of war; Pallas, titan-god of war
oAthena, aegis-bearer (one who holds the great shield)
oPallas, daughter of Triton who is her childhood playmate
oPallas, a giant killed by Athena in the Gigantomachy (whose skin is used on the shield)
oAthena, goddess of victory
Pallas, son of Lycaon, a teacher of Athena and father of Nike (victory) and Chryse
-Hymn to Athena
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