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chapter 11

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Claesson Welsh

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Oct 8. 2010
Chapter 11: Apollo
-Apollos sanctuaries: Delos
oThree female divinities of the commerce of Delos: olive girl, sea girl, wine girl
-Delphi: had amphalos; rock of the centre of the earth in Apollos temple
-After being born, Apollo took up the lyre; declare to serve as oracular deity; decided on Delphi as
oracle location
oDragon @ Delphi who killed everyone; Apollo slayed it rather than driving it away
oBody of dragon left to rot; decomposition gave place another name of pitho which means
to rot
oDelphi also as pythia > Apollo as Pythian Apollo
-Apollo Delphinius; needed people to serve in his temple; saw a Cretan ship that was going to Pelos,
intercepted ship in form of monster dolphin, uses wind to manipulate ship to Delphi, and reveals
himself, Cretans become the keepers of his temple
odelphinius Greek word for dolphin
o@ temple, a tripod for oracle to sit; oracle most important aspect of worship of Apollo @
oProphetess delivered prophecy from tripod; could be seated on it; oracles are famously
vague and ambiguous in answer, need priests and priestesses to translate
oPythia may have been influenced by noxious fumes coming from below tripod; basically was
high on ethylene gases from underground
-Cassandra, priestess w/ gift of prophecy but doomed to never be believed by anyone
-Apollos love affairs are mostly unsuccessful
- Marpessa
oVase: RF Psykter, Zeus separates Apollo and Marpessa; the Pan Painter, Ca 480 BC
oPrincess near Delphi
oShe wanted to marry another man, Idas; Idas abducts Marpessa w/ swift horses from
Poseidon, father kills his horses and commits suicide
oApollo tries to steal Marpessa from Idas; Idas raises bow as a threat to Apollo; Zeus
intervenes and tells Marpessa to choose > she chooses mortal b/c she didnt want to be
abandoned when she grew old
oSculpture: The Nymph Cyrene w/ the Lion, Ca 120-150
oShe was a nymph; very athletic > able to wrestle a lion bare-handed = reason why Apollo
fell in love w/ her; preferred to roam wilderness and hunting wild beasts
oApollo takes her away in his gold chariot to Libya to establish her as Queen of Cyrene
oCyrene bears a son named Aristaeus who later has a son Achteon (who gets turned into a
oAetiological myth; explains how the laurel plant comes into existence, and its importance to
oFollower of Artemis; loved hunting
oCupid causes Apollo to fall in love w/ her and causes Daphne to flee from him
oIs chased by Apollo, prays to father (river-god) to save her, she is changed to a laurel tree
-Failure in love: not Apollo himself as he epitomizes the young man; but that they know what the
god might be like; also, some were followers of Artemis
oA man who Apollo loved
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