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Lecture 9

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Regina Hoeschele

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CLA204 Lecture
Tuesday, March 13th, 2012
Texts after the midterm until now
Same format as the last: short answer, longer answer
Quotations from text: identify, source and significance
Final is cumulative
Ovid, Metamorphoses Books 1-5
Work that the instructor absolutely adores; most of his stories is what we
have already encountered
Readjust our point of view to the time of Ovid; all the text we’ve read were in
ancient Greek
Metamorphoses was written in Latin, but politically looks rather different
1st Century BC Rome; full of civil strife
o An event that stands out; the assassination of Gaius Caesar 44 BC
o Was known as the sole ruler, but until then Rome defined itself as a
o Did not call himself king, but acted like one, adoptive son Octavian
would succeed, and avenged his murders and battled against Mark
o Defeats Antony and Cleopatra, 31 BC (the end point of Hellenistic age,
and beginning of Imperial age)
Octavian acted as he was giving himself back to the senate, 27 BC given the
title of Augustus (August)
Ovid, writer of Augustan age (Octavian as ruler)
o See reflection of the political times in Ovid’s readings
Born in 43 BC 17 AD; wrote several works, begin with love poetry ) elegiac
meter hexameter alternating with pentameter) lamentation and love poetry
Didactic work Art of Love; work very reverent and also very popular
Masterpiece;Metamorphoses (hexameter, an epic), written in 8 AD, safti
Exiled by emperor to Tomi by the black sea
o Wrote poetic letters and laments to the fact he’s not in Rome
Non-epic, epic. No stories centered around heroes but a transformation of the
world, natural phenomena, physical transformation
o Central focus of his work; used as mythological compendium
Divided 3 pentads
o 1 -5 books Gods
o Next 5 heroes

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o following rulers
Book I
1-4 proem
5-88 Cosmogony (Hesiod material)
89-150 Ages of Mankind
151-162 Ggantomachy
163-252 Council of Gods (211-239 Jupiter as narrator: Lycaon)
253-415 Flood, Deucalion and Pyrrha
416-152 Python
452-567 Apollo Daphne
568-746 Jupiter and Io (689-712 Mercury as narrator: Pan and Syrinx)
747-779 Phaethon (-2.400)
Metamorphoses with amor, a story for the love of Gods
Proem to the Metamorphoses
Alternation between long and short syllables; English translation is really an
essence of the real text. ‘di coeptis (nam vos mutastic et illa)’ not a definitive text
of how the author wrote it either gods insists me in my enterprises or gods you
changed my enterprises playing a game with his genre. Key word ‘continuous song –
pereptuum caremen’ deducite to spin
Divine Assemby Augustan references
Rome built on seven hills, Augustus’ palaces placed on Palatine . different difference
when thinking Zeus
Duaca;oip and Pyrrha
throws bones of great meother
earth populated by monster Pytho (who Apollo is shot by Cupid in turn)
Story of Apollo and Daphne the nymph who turns into a Laurel tree popular with
Augustus and Apollo. Usually seen in the Palatine. Itiom tells the origin of
natural/cultural phenomena
Apollo and Daphne
Any word of a tree name is feminine, old men and young boys turned into a tree.
Being a man is something you have to deserve.
Jupiter and Io
Io is the great great grandmother of Europa
Mercury sets Argus asleep
o Hundred eyed giant, Jupiter must give to Hera, Mercury (Hermes) to
lull to sleep and free
o Argos slayer, tells story of Pan and Syrinx, uses leaves to make lute
o Pan and Syrinx; p. 22
o We basically heard the same story of Apollo and Daphne
Ovid jokes the repetition of a story puts the person to sleep; typical of Ovid
Juno will then take eyes and place on peacock, they say that Io is turned into
Egyptian goddess Isis
Metamorphoses connects all the stories
Epithis doubts is parenthood of Phaiton that Helios is father
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