CLA204H1 Lecture Notes - Orpheus Gate, Cybele, Daedalion

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7 Apr 2012

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Metamorphoses Book 8-11
Exam and Some Answers for Midterm 2
-Callisto is a bear, she's also afraid of other animals. She still has her human
conciousness, which results in the awkwardness.
-Hercules labours: labours stand for normalizing the lands, he is a civilizing the
heroes, he makes the world a better place.
-Hair lock of Orestes: token of recognition between bro and sis, leading to
plotting of assasination scheme.
*on the final exam, there will be mixtures of identification questions, easy short
answers, definitions, there won't be any picture identification, but there's much
more significance of passage kinds of questions*
another example: Proem of metamorphosis: invoking of Gods to write, also
about the grandness of a big epic.
big final question on exam: we will have a choice between an essay topic in
which we are asked to discuss an issue, refer to texts, myths, etc. However,
the other choice is a creative assignment: i.e. might ask you to imagine a
dialogue between variious mythic characters, you must reflect the
characteristics of these characters.
Book 8-11
-here various of the frames we have encountered are closed. Remember
Cephalus telling story of his tragic wife.
-Thesius ends up in Achelous-frame.
-Thesius is still our main hero here, he is connected with the minos story, he is
part of the calydoninan boar hunt, and ends up at achelous place.
Scylla and minos
-minos besieging melagon cause he's pissed that his son's dead
-scylla is a daughter of 1 of the warriors, shes lookin at the cities.
-Scylla falls in love for Minos, she is torn between warring emotions of
nationalism, and the love for Minos. She knows she shouldn't be helping him
against loyalty to her family.
-Medea was similar when she helped Jason.
-now we see that Scylla page 172 delivering a monologue which reflects these
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contradicting emotions: this tragic war....
-she's glad this war is going on so she gets to see the face of Minos.
-all the strength and power is in the purple lock of the Malagon king or
-Scylla cuts off the hair lock and thinks Minos will be so happy that she
betrayed family to help him.
-he captures Megara city, but rejects Scylla because of her dishonorableness,
so she gets nothing.
-what does she do? she jumps off cliff to try to hang on the ship of Minos as he
leaves, and transforms into a bird called Crirs
-Kerokeiro (means to cut off).. cause Scylla cut off his father's hair Nysus.
Page 175 on what Scylla says about Minos when she was rejected: -she insults
him, saying he's much more animal like than a creature that no woner his wife
would go sleep around with boars.
-minos comes back and sees wife given birth to a monster made up half men,
and half bull. The body of a man, and head of a bull.
-1/2 man bull, and 1/2 bull man.
*Ovid and friends 3 lines delete*
-Deidolus built the labryinth, but before he built it, he was the one who built
the cow out of wood so Minos' wife could have sex with the bull.
-so Miinotaur locked up in the labyrinth, and Minos in order to take revenge for
murder of his son, asks Athens to send him tribute for every 9 years or so, and
it is actually groups of boys/girls to be fed to Minotaur in Crete, that is the
trrible burden laid on Athens.
-theseus tries to shake off this burden by killing this monster.
-this story is rather popular function right now because of the Hunger Game
-*Pan Americansus is of the Roman thing*
-so back to the myth.. in the labyrinch, page 176: ....
-Miandor was a river that moved like crazy maze, and the labyrinth described
as built like that.
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-the battle of Thesus vs the bull was totally not described much, it skipped by
in the book.. why? Because the battle is detaily written by some other Roman
poet, he has no need to write detail about it.
-he also points out that Ariadne helps out Theseus, she made him the thread
that allows him to use to trace his way in and out of Maze.
-Ariadne is abandoned on Naxus after Theseus, she becomes a lover of
Daedalus and Icarus
-one of most well known story from antiquity
-Daedalusbuilt wings for him and his son, they take off and fly like birds to get
off Crete, but Icarus gets too cocky with the wings, flys too near the sun, the
wax melts and he falls and dies
-hubris act by icarus
-in other tellings of Icarus, he is a young man. Ovid here portrays Icarus as a
innocent young boy, not hubris guy, and that Daedalus is a loving father
-pg. 177 (Icarus plays with feathers inncocently, to show his innocece and non-
-then you got Daedalus kissing icarus' son, the last kiss he'll ever give (a
foreshadow), ovid also describes how they flew around seeing all sorts of shit,
-Icarus swaloed in the blue sea swelll that forever bears his name.
-Ovid sarcastically says of Daedalus... says "his father, whoes not a father
anymore" quite sarcastically, what a joke author
Daedalus Exile on Crete
-D had an apprentice nephew named something, he was great aand D became
-he was so jealous, and just throws him off the acropolis, the boy falls down
and in his fall transforms into some bird that can't fly
-the fall of the son Icarus is the punishment D has to pay for what he did to the
-it's interesting why Ovid gives this story after.
-first we sympathize for Daedalus, then he shows us this evil side of Daedalus..
shocks us.. its unexpected
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