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19 Apr 2012

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Ovid, Metamorphoses Books 1-5
written in Latin
1st century BC Rometime of civil strife
eg. assassination of Caesar
Octavian (son of Caesar) fought the murderers of Caesar
Octavian defeats Marc Anthony and Cleopatra
This is the endpoint of Hellenistic age, beginning of Roman age
Ovid came from the Agustus agewhen Octavian was ruler of Rome
Ovid was born in the year 14 BC
He started career writing love poetry
Elegymetrical structure of a poem
Types of Elegy: Lamentation and Love poetry
He is witty and has lack of seriousness (he was criticized for this)
Ovid was exiled to Tomi
During this exile, he wrote poems of his exile
Metamorphoses was written in hexameters.
Meatmorphoses doesn’t really tell stories like the Iliad but it offers the history of
the world about change and transformation (metamorphoses) eg. humans
turning into trees
The first five books focuses on the gods, the second five focuses on the heros,
and then the last ones focus on rulers
Book 1
the world was destroyed twicefirst by water, second by fire
Divine assemblyAugusan references
Augustus is compared to a god
Zeus (Jupiter)
The first story in the metamorphoseshuman to animal
- Laokaon tries to kill Zeus while Zeus is his guest
- Laokaon as punishment is transformed into a wolf
- This transformation is a reflection of his nature
- Jupiter decides to destroy the human race because of this
sends a flood
there are two survivors
Deucalion and Pyrrha
the survivors
Deucalion is son of Prometheus and Pyrrha is daughter of Epimetheus
They go to an oracle and they were told to cast aside the bones of something
Deucaltion is figures out the riddle
They throw stones behind their heads and from the stones grew humans
So once more the earth is populated, as well as a monster (Python)
Apollo shoots Python, is shot by Cupid in Turn
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