CLA204H1 Last Lecture

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25 Apr 2012

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CLA204H1 Last Lecture
Tuesday, April 3, 2012
Definitions, Identification (quotes, context, significance), Essay or dialogue of mythical
Recall: Book 11, story of Troy is a complex
Learn of how Troy was originally founded, and cheated Apollo and Neptune
Story of Thetis and Peleus, another story of where Peleus hears about a wife
who mourns for her dead husband then turns into a bird
Son of Priam who was in love with a girl, girl steps on snakes and jumps off
Metamorphoses Book 12-15
Look at Pentad as a whole
Book 11 - The first love story that leads into the Trojan War, is when Peleus
manages to rape Thetis in her normal form (usually able to escape him
through shape shifting)
Book 14 story ties back to Vertumnus, but more a story of courtship and
persuasion through non-violence. He can also shape-shift. He is a god and
when he finally shows his true form, the girl falls in love with him by first
Represents a Roman story, it is more civilized
The beginning of the Pentad to its finish is about the relationship of Achilles
and his father
The end concludes with a son also greater than their father, Augustus over
Book 12
Ovid only represents stories that were not part of the Iliad he fills in the gaps.
References are always made but never gone into detail (assumption that everyone
knows this)
The Greeks in Aulis
The Greeks are unable to set sail because there is no wind (due to Apollo &
Neptune) so a sacrifice must be made
Iphigenia sacrificed order for the winds to set sail; however, at the very last
minute Apollo substitutes Iphigenia for a deer
The House of Fama (Rumour)
One of the most memorable scenes of the Aeneid, is the personification of
Rumour, there is more detail made of the house rather than her features.
Ovid is competing with his predecessor Virgil
The rumour is the Greeks are in Troy ready to besiege the city
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Achilles and Cycnus
Contest of throwing weapons
Cycnus didn’t seem to be ruined so Achilles gets a bit of a temper tantrum
Crushed with a rock, and transformed into a swan
Banquet of the Greeks
In this version, the Greeks are having a good time rather than being upset with
Nestor in the Iliad, is the old guy who won’t shut up, behaviour is copied from the
Nestor as narrator: Caeneus; Lapiths and Centaurs
Battle that occurs during the wedding of Pirithous and Hippodame.
Hippodame is kidnapped by a centaur Eurytus
Leads to a chaotic brawl, Lapiths are legendary people who come from Sicily
Centurion kidnaps the bride; description of fight stands for the Iliad.
Weapons are cups, tree trunks, etc. this makes it grotesque
Ovid manipulates the figure of Nestor to make him long-winding over 400
lines of description of the battle, so long that you can only laugh about it
Caeneus was once a woman (Caenis), who was raped by Neptune. In
compensation she was turned into a man
Unable to wound him. Boulders and tree trunks are thrown onto him and his
buried. The implication is he somehow changed into a bird (parallel to
Achilles and Cycnus)
Nestor says he himself participated in the battle
There’s a reason why Hercules is not mentioned at all
Nestor as narrator: Periclymenus
Periclymenus complains that this story easily dismissed Heracles
Nestor says the reason he was omitted because he is a personal foe
Heracles attacked the city where Nestor grew up and killed his brothers.
Nestor’s brother had the gift of metamorphoses was also one of the casualties
Death of Achilles
Shot by Paris at his heel recall the myths of Achilles being dipped by mother
for immortality but missed only one part
Achilles is the best and greatest hero of the Greeks, so the question is who is
to have his armour now that he is gone?
Contest over Achilles’ Arms
Fashioned by Hephaestus
Book 13
Contest over Achilles’ arms (Speech of Ajax, Speech of Odysseus)
Rhetoric played an important role in battle
Ancient training for the art of using words
Ajax, says he should get the armour because he and Achilles were cousins
and Odysseus didn’t even want to join the war and faked being mad
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