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CLA219H1 Lecture Notes - Clytemnestra, Trojan War, Euripides

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Regina Höschele

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CLA 219
Praise and Blame
-> In Hesiod: Zeus instructs fellow gods to construct her due to anger as Prometheus (Text p 56)
Prometheus: forethought, to think before acting
Epimetheus: “afterthought”- Brother of Prometheus, accepts Pandora
-Describes women as the cause of all suffering for men
-Pandora opens the jar, and only hope remains inside
-Jar= female reproductive organs
-> Mans curse: live with women who are wretched wasteful creatures, or die alone
Helen/Hellen “most beautiful”
Daughter of Zeus by Leda (raped her in form of a swan)
- She lays eggs having four children two semi divine*, two human
- Castor and Pollux*, Clytemnestra, Hellen*
- Reasons why it was not Helens fault:
- Planned by the gods
- persuaded by Paris
- Eros caused her to love Paris
- Fault of Eris (apple)
- Helen never went to troy, was in Egypt (alternative tale)
- Teichoskopia- looking down from wall (in Iliad)
- Women at fault for Trojan war, the sinful desire and lust Paris felt for her caused the tragedy
- Palinode “again song” -take it back
- Female ideal: loyal and chaste, polar opposite of Clytemnestra
- Waits for husband (20 years)
- Tricks suitors with loom scam
- Ovid wrote of Penelope writing to Odysseus
Medea - Witch
- Story of Jason and the golden fleece
- Non-Greek (barbarian)
- Betrayed her family in aid of Jason, runs away with him
- Jason later wants to marry a Greek princess instead
- She seeks revenge: kills the princess
- Kills her and Jason’s children
- Teaches that an independent minded woman is trouble
->Story of how Rome becomes a republic
Raped by Sextus Tarquinius
Tues Sept 18 ’12
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