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Lecture 2

CLA219H1 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Trojan War, Melanau People, Odysseus

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Melanie Racette- Campbell

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CLA219 Lecture 2 (Fall, 2012)
Source of all trouble concerning women
oPandora’s box = box of trouble = vagina
Hope remains in the jar (symbolic of childbirth, expectations)
oCreated by Zeus as punishment for stealing fire and giving it to humans
Pan means all , Dora means gifted  Gift to all?
Prometheus (the one who has forsight) gives Pandora to Epimethus
DIDACTIC: Hesiod wrote the story of Pandora in Works and Days
Iliad and the Odyssey  BATTLE OF TROY
oWhere did Helen come from?
Leda the wife of the Spartan king raped by Zeus who came to her as a swan.
She become pregnant and lays eggs: two are her husband's kids and other
two are Zeus's kids  One of those children is Helen.
AB OVO = Latin for starting a story at the the egg
oHomer starts in the middle of the story, not at the beginning
*Paris a Spartan prince judges a beauty contest  Aphrodite wins so she offers Paris the
most beautiful woman in the world to be his wife (Helen)
oTen years later there is still a war in Troy
THE TROJAN ELDERS BEHOLD HELEN ILIAD 3.150-160: The old soldiers
essentially say even though she is beautiful she causes too much trouble
Horace in Satires says of Helen "For before Helen a cunt was the most
terrible cause of war"
Euripides, 5th C BC: play stating that Helen was never actually in Troy, that it was instead an
apparition. The real Helen was in Egypt the whole time.
oMelanaus is finally reunited with his wife after so many years and has a hard time
believing that it is her. After a lot of convincing he believes
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