After the Persian Wars

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7 Nov 2011
Athens is fortifiying the city after the Persian wars
After 479, the Greek begin going into the offensive - partially because they wan
t stuff
Dorkis, 478 BC
Sparta has a good relationship with Athens and happy with the way Athens is purs
uing the war against Persians, but they don't want to participate in it themselv
Sparta has a problem at home with the helotsand does not want to commit a lot of
their sources to Persian war.
The "Delian league" (called Athenian empire by the text)
The purpose is to defend members of the league from Persia
Purpose: defense
Each ally can either introduce ships or contribute money
Meet at Delos
Autonomous allies
Primarily a coastal,aegeal league - makes sense bc it is mainly the islands that
need protection from persia
Another purpose of the league - punish persia
So it is agressive and pursues own inetrest
Kimon, son of Miltiades (the main guy at marathon), early leader of the league
Early campaign- take the island of Ion
important bc ion has a lot of wood and athens doesn't . needs wood bc it wants a
good navy. also ion has silver mines.
Take over the island of syrus and take a city in eboea.
so what they are trying to do is secure access to northern aegean/athenian inter
two of our major player dissapear
pausanias is accused of collaborating with the persian kind and the helots
he is turned in by one of his servants
starves to death by the temple
themistokles was ostracized from athens
he is at argos
runs away to the persian king
the king gives him three cities and themistokles lives as a satrap for the rest
of his life
471 BC
Naxos withdraws from the league (which he was free to do) but athens (kimon) for
ces it back in
the walls of naxos were torn down and they were forced to give tribute or contri
bute ships
so the league was beginning to evolve into the empire
so athens begins subjegating cities
469 BC
Kimon wins a big naval battle at Eurymedon just off the coast of Turkey against
so the league is doing what its supposed to do-protecting from persia
so the league is doing very well
but the problems is that cities no longer need to protect themselves by paying a
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