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CLA232H1 Lecture Notes - De-Ice, Charites, Alterity

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Victoria Wohl

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Greek culture:
One of the ways greek thought of themselves; was by what they are not-
define by what we aren’t. to be greek is to not to be not greek
Non-greeks were thought to be barbarians (Greeks thought they were like
word that sounds like what it is)
Barbarians were thought to all things opposite of the Greeks
Barbarians wore pants- but Greeks wore togas (pants means something to
Greeks used the barbarians to set them apart (as a frame of reference)
Men vs Women-
Men were everything women weren’t (reference point)
Men are strong, women are at home, men deal with politics….
How they defined themselves
Different means “inferior”
However the GODs are superior
Greeks told stories of gods to better understand themselves (mortality etc)
These frames of references “defined” themselves too (contrast)
Persians thought they were superior to the Greeks (and invaded twice)
How the Greeks used these “others”
No authors are women, so written pieces are male created about women
Like “fiction” about women
Women had to have a male guardian to speak for them on legal matters
How do you compromise or political agreements with those we think are so
inferior or opposite of you
Greek self-definition
ALTERITY: relationship between self and other
(like how Americans thought of the Russians during the cold war)
Alterity makes it hard to accept others and make self criticism impossible
Alphabet, drinking practices and others related or taken form Persians
In tragedies- the Greeks have empathy and see other paths
Engaged in trade in the various places in and around the meditarranean sea
(Egypt, turkey, etc)
On one hand they are economically dependent on some groups and yet work
so hard to separate themselves
The Greeks depend the sea and the aegeain sea (for fish obvi) but also for
The most power = the best navy (aka the atheains)
Most responabile for naval power is the rowers
Topography, is very mountainous
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