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Victoria Wohl

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thFebruary 27 Lecture Introduction Gender vs Sex Two key wordssex and genderWhere sex is the anatomical difference between men and womenmale and female o This is physisnatural stuff youre born with o But not every significantits not the fundamental difference between peopleBiological difference not as important as how society interprets those differences o Women bare children in bodiesbiological difference o Social interpretation of this women more nurturing so they should stay home should not have career not go to war o So there are social conclusions gender of biological sexual differencesgender social conclusions from sexual differences o Gender is nomos nurtureone is not born a woman one becomes a woman o Because you adopt all these stereotypes Many things that are nomos are justified by physisGreeks drew biological differences and then made conclusion about social hierarchy between male and female as wellTheogonyEverything in the world is created except manMan is not created but women are o Creation says something about masculinity Both Theogony and WDbirth creation of Pandora is tied to Permetheus and the sacrifice trick and then the fire stealing Zeus punishes mortals by giving them women WD says that shes a curse to manWhy connect creation of women to sacrifice trick o Deceit connectionto show women as deceitfulo All three are necessaryfire survive sacrifice food women reproduceo All 3 are conditions to survive but theyre also the three things that separate us from the godsNeed to Procreate We need to procreate unlike the godsIf we were immortal we wouldnt need womenBut instead of giving women credit for their ability to procreate theyre blamed for human mortality o Achilles blames his mother for the fact that hes mortal and will die o Demeter loses daughter Persephone wanders the Earth in her griefAdopts human child tries to make the child immortal way to do this is to put it in a fire if youre a goddess but human mothers sees and gets the child out so really shes to blame for the fact that the child isnt immortalo Ie The need to procreateimmortality physis becomes nomosand women are to blame for this physis Pandora and genos Gunaikon
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