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21 Apr 2012
Monday March 26, 2012
Divisions within Greece between Sparta and Athens
Panhellenism- belief of Greece as a whole nation
During the Persians wars when everyone was under threat the theory of Panhellenism
was very strong- when the Persians invaded the Greeks united but when it was over the
Greeks started to fight with one another again
The other is by nature different from the self
Custom is king and we are all different by custom
The definition of self and other and the relationship between them shifts through
historical circumstances
How did the Athenians imagine their differences from the Spartans?
The Peloponnesian war as these innate differences
The Persian Wars
It was a time of Panhellenic unity
The time they all fought together
Differences between Sparta and Athens immerging
Sparta has good laws and involved in conquest of their neighbouring cities
During the Persian wars both are fighting together on behalf of Greece and are very
Fighting together they are the best soldiers in the world
It was the Athenians who saved Greece
The Sparta self interest lays in the Peloponnese
Athenians has different geography placement so they have different interests
both sides are also fighting for their own interests and this is shown in their geography
Athens has to protect the north
Sparta is the undisputed leader in the Peloponnese
Sparta was a land based empire and was the leader of the lesser states that did everything
Sparta wanted
Athens is really developing
Its building up the acropolis that was destroyed
The navy became the bases for their empire
The Delian League because its treasury was on the island of Delos
It started out as a voluntary defense league
States could contribute either ships or money
Most of these little states thought it would be easier to contribute money
Only three of the biggest islands were contributing ships
As the threat of Persia diminishes the allies feel less and less need for Athenian
As time went on the allies became resentful of the Athenians
Athenians would tell the allies what to do and establish democracies and boss them
By the 460s some of the allies start to revolt
Athenians crushes their rebellion by force using her navy and forcing them back
Now they have to answer to Athens, pay taxes, shows its laws
It starts to turn into an empire
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