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21 Apr 2012
Wednesday February 1, 2012
The difference between Greek and the Persian other is how they define their happiness
For the Persian prince it is his power and wealth
For the Greek it is for family, humility, a beautiful death, a strong polis
These are the differences that lead to the Persian war
Cyrus the Asian learns about the wisdom of the greeks
Today difference between culture difference and contact
Ethnos- is a word for a cultural group
These cultural differences bring war
Culture and war are divided but also intertwined
Culture both causes and explains war
Herodotus tries to see the Persians through their own eyes and see the greeks through the
eyes of the other
Greeks didn’t have much cultural production during the arcaic period
They looked at asia as rich and cultural attainment
The greeks looked up to the Persians
The aristocratic greeks followed the Persians and dressed up as them
They were boring some of their cultural attributes from the Persian
If the Greek wants to be presitage they would go drink in a symposium
After the Persian wars it should everything the greeks weren’t- the anti Greek
The greeks look at the Persians at weak and soft but these were the guys who had all the
money and gold- they thought they were weak slaves
Eurymedon vase
Made after the battle of Eurymedon
Greeks represent themselves naked on their vases- sign of beauty, masculinity what you
see is what you get
Persians always shown where trousers which the greeks thought was very strange
Arrows were seen as weird
Thing most stricking on the vase is his posture because he is bent over
Persians are naturally submissive is what should be taken by this
The greeks are on top in every aspect the Persians are on bottom
Herodotus was born in Halicarnassus- in asia minor
Colonized by the greeks partically by the Athenians called Ionian greeks
He is not Athenian he is an Ionian greeks he as a kinship with Athens but not Athenian
This part of Greece conquered by Cyrus but ruled by Persians
Hated being ruled by Persians and volted against the Persian empire
Place of cultural mingling between Greek and barbarian
Some people thing Herodotus father was from a Persian tribe and his mother was Greek
He was also a travel and went all over the Mediterranean world
He emphasizes the importance of seeing what you are describing
Called autopsy- means seeing with your own eyes
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