CLA 232 Feb. 07, 2011
Mid Term
90 min,
Part one, short answer 10, no choice, 2 points each 20 points total, dates, names , one word
one sentence
Part two: 4 out of 5, one paragraph
Part 3: essay one out of 2, more open ended
Persian War
1.Defining moment as a force in the Mediterranean
2.Only other time since the Trojan war that Greece was together to fight
3.Self definition of polis in Greece
a.Moment of unity for Greece
b.Doing so, discovered differences and disputes
4.Defines culture response to invasion
a.Darius, Xerxes
b.Which cities fought and which cities went over Persians
5.Medize: sub-group of Persians
a.You went over to Persians
6.Differences between Athens and Sparta
a.Persians come around the north
b.Sparta policy pull themselves down and built a wall ismus
c.Athens in northern Greece had to face Persians and did so bravely, book 7,
139 i.Herodotus not Athenian
7. Individual factors within the city
a. In Athens, great victory was naval victory and Salamis
b.The navy, the lowest class of citizens
c.More political rights for this class
d.National and internal, story of the war itself local stories on either side
8.Details, never neutral of war, stakes are very high
a.Sort through details, tell a story
9.Herodotus shapes this story and puts a narrative structure on it
a.Shape he gives is a tragedy
10.Hybris punished by the Greeks
a.Arrogance and violence
b. Impiety punished by the gods
11. 499 BCE Ionian revolt
a.Greeks live in Asian minor, colonies
b.Resent being ruled by Persia
c.Sent Greeks for help
d.Spartans decline, Athenians feel kinship
i.Sends navy revolution against Persians
ii.March to sardis, and burn it, Croeus lives in Lydia, capital
12.Darius doesnt get over his grudge
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