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CLA 232 Jan.10
1.1. Focus on social hierarchy
2.Political structure
3.Why does they have to stay on top and why do they put people down
4.Senate exclusive bodies dont like the idea of new people coming in
5.Most families die off and new people come in and new senate dont want new people
in either
6.Objectivity vs. subjectivity
a.Objectivity the outsider looking into Rome what they did and why. Textbook
version but no textbook in the class
i.People read the primary text and wrote about their opinions or their
interpretation of the facts
b.For us to be our own scholars
c.Might come up with objectivity of what the Romans were what we think they
Subjectivity what does it mean to be Rome, the Roman stories of Rome
1.Not written for us, not for women and no foreigners
2. It is written for Romans from Romans
3.We say early Roman city, Italian little villages some bigger and fight another
4.Livy not that story, their story involves the Trojan war and the gods
a.Dont want to talk about themselves in those terms
5.What did they say, why? Themes? What do they leave our? WOMEN
a.Growth of Rome and emancipation non of this
b.Slaves what is their story
6.How to read the Romans?
a.They were really open
b.Culture of Rome a lot of people killing each other, Romans killing Romans
i.They tell it is shocking and not regular but maybe it is, like the U.S
ii.Why they kill each other
iii.Spectacles, walking talking a certain way, laws saying who can wear
7.Roman identity, not neutral
a.Talk about heroes villains, good and bad
b.Talk about sex, different world, different sexual possibilities
c.Encounters with other people
d.Tasteful and tastelessness judgmental Romans did it all the time why was it
important to them
e.Crazy emperors think about that why did it produce it something going one
with crazy guys
8.First exam
a.Factual stuff from the readings, not memorize the readers
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