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Jan 26

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Victoria Wohl

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CLA 232 Jan. 26
Alterity relationship of self and others
1.God and humans
a.How close can you get to a god
i.Oepidus, agave in baccuss,
b.Merging to a god Is temporary
2.Lower limits of humanity
3.Mortals is between the gods and the animals
a.We can be animals but shouldnt be
b.Explore the line of human and bests
4.City of dionysia
a.3 days in every spring
b.3 winners of writers
c.15k spectators
d.All citizens saw each other
e.Tickets were subsidized
f. Playwrights selected compete panel of citizen judges would judge who would
5.Paying this tax would sponsor the play
a.405 BCE Athens broke in Peloppensian war
b.No one was able to afford it
c.Aristophones frogs were split between 2 people
d.Chorus would be made up citizens
e.All males
6.So many resources to drama?
a.Drama not on the list present day society
b.Cost as much outfit a warship
c.Spent as much as police force
d.Thought they were best culture, example
e.Honor the gods
f. Show the perks of being a citizen
7.Fundamental part of the city
a.Education of citizenship
b.Poured to honor generals
c.Crowning of citizens who done a great
d.Parade of the orphans raised by state
9.Functions like as funeral oration
a.Education of civics
b.Showing and teacher how great Athens is
10.Lessons of values what did they teach?
a.Not to mess with your fate Oedipus
i. Ironic Athenians think masters of destiny
b.Live moderate
c.Obey the oracles
d.Dont allow arrogance to cloud their judgment
e. Instill humility
f. Do what you want
g.Didnt want passive
h.Oedipus is the best Athenian yet he punished nonetheless
11.Asking the citizens to talk about them
a.Debate of them
b.Dangers and advantages of losing myself
c.Learning profess communal though debating with each other
d.Thats what democracy is
i.Citizens are debating issues… like war
ii.Through shared information
12.Civic delveration
13.Watching the satire play
a.Little slapstick burlesques
b.Same meters as tragedy
c.Different than comedy
a.Devote of dionsys
b.Erect phaleus
c.Not reliable drinking and partying
d.Part goat, horse, man plays flute
e.Sex crazy, alcohol crazy
f. Having sex with maedes, wine bowl with a tree
g.Given over to pleasure, excess
h.Goat ears, big lips, bushy beard
15.Picture of pronomos vases
16.Satyrs plays