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Jan 19

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Cla 232
1.Human Fate how this play represents mortal and gods
2.How are the gods represented
3.Zeus seems to be deceived by Prometheus
a.Hesiod says that no he knew he wanted to punish humans
4.How much does humans know
a.Who killed Laius
b.Who killed were his parents
c.Who is his wife
d.Who did he killed
e.Who am I?
5.Wants to find out these answers of these questions
a.Why does it plague in my city?
b.Goes to the oracle
i.Apollo gives the answer
ii.Creon tells them pollution in the land and find the murderer
iii.Stain would spread Greek law murderers not a loud to be in the same
iv.Exile the criminals murderer never found out
v.Distracted by the Sphinx, lion waste down women waste up and wings
vi.Riddle asked riddle your you die
6.Athenain playwrights
a.Sophocles Oedipus the king
b.Euripides bacchants, medea, Cyclops
c.Aesclyus not read
d.Arisphontants comic plays
7.The city of dinoysisa
8.Perisistratus ca . 534 BCE
9.Acropolis the high part of the city
a.Comes in march and april exposed to the elements
b.Full day presentations
c.Element of competition
d.Who got to sit in the audience
i.Adults male citizens
ii.Adult non citizens
1.The delean league protect against Persia paid them
iii.Women and slaves debated if they attended
10.Stage actors, females were played by men
a.Fewer actors than characters
b.Played by masks, simplictic mini microphone for the mouth
c.Cothurnuys Buskin
d.Choregos any rich citizen
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