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Published on 17 Mar 2011
CLA 232 Feb. 9, 2011
Mid Term: Monday, 10 1140
Part one: Short answer, one word, sentence, spelling does count, English or Greek spelling
Ex: who whipped the Hellespont Xerxes, hubris
Part two: one paragraph essay, one the reading guides
Ex: how is odysseys is contrasts with the satyrs and Cyclopes
Avoid plot summaries:
Structure of the essay
1.Point, does thesis statement answer the question
a.Thesis statement logically, can say I will argue that
b.Thesis of this essay is
Support examples:
1.Explain how passage text works, examples discussed by details
2.Quotations, level of detail
3.Think about the things people talk about, solon and croeus
4.Theogony, succession myths, zeus, promethus, chronos, castrated
Style organization:
1.Write clearly, persuasively
2.Write an outline
Alterity between greek self and barbarians
1.How Persian wars shape it
2.How it is told
3.Medicine, lens on society, reflects social assumptions
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