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feb 16

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Victoria Wohl

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CLA 232 Feb. 16
Male and female: another alternity not greek and barbarian
How greek men contruct themselves through
Medea, is foreign and women, as much other can be
1.Jason Greek King
2.City Dionysia
3.Civic festival as fellow citizens
b.Majority would be greek citizens not women or foreigners
4.Suppose to be sympathy for Jason
5.Staging of aechulus plays, furies, snake
6. Ideology of feminist
a.Difficult for them to be there
7.Women are not citizens
a.Expect to sympathize with Jason
b.Hard to sympathize with medea as well
8.Suppose to be cut and dry
a. But not
b.The foreign women is more rational, than the Greek men
9.Powerful women?
a.Women produce sons
b.They are important
10.She a barbarian Medea
11.Jason was an Argonaut, golden fleece
a.King aetees he can have golden fleece but few labors
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b.Fire breathing dragon and sow teeth
i.Give up on fleece
c.Medea falls in love with Jason, daughter of aetees and grand daughter
d.Niece, of circes, turns into pigs and tries to have sex with him
e.Magic charms make Jason all powerful
f. Helps him escape
g.Takes own brother medea, aetees boat, slows dad down chopping him up so
father has to stop for burial
h.Cant go home to colchiz
12.Pericles citizenship laws
a.Have to had 2 Athenian parents
b.Metic and citizen will not have citizen son
13.Proxenes: representative for a metic
a.Powerless and homeless
b.Women needs her husband
c.Strangers and foreigners in their own city
d.First in the fathers house, then in the husbands house
14.Her tragedy is the tragedy of all women, exile in their own house
15.Page 37 38, women is the unhappiest species
a.Women are in exile because of marriage, leave family, taken from families
and stick with husbands even with he is bad
16.Second sight for the bed mate, one person to turn too
17.Myth of Demeter and pesphone, crops.. her daughter is stolen against her will to
hades underworld, snatched away from your mother
18.King of Athens offers her xenia, risky move, I can make you fertile
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