CLA 232 Feb. 28
What makes a women a women, what makes a man a man
1.Difference between sex and gender
a.Sex: anatomical differences
i.Genitals, hair
ii.Not intercourse today
iii.Greek word is physis
b.Only one chromozone difference
c.Brain similar
2.Difference in society
3.Like race
a.Overtime given significance white vs dark
b.Real impact aka slaves
4.Gender: social implications/facts about male and female / nomos
a.Society adds one because they reproduce
i.More nurture
ii.Less aggressive
iii.Shouldnt be in military, business
5.Social implications
a. Important thing in Greece, each society, faced with differences
b.Which ones are significance and which are not?
c.Physical difference society picks which one it cares about
d.Culture justify gender by sex
6.Not only a difference but a hierarchy
a.Everything defined by the gods and contrast to women
b.Man is not born, always existed
c.Women is created, artificial by the gods
d.Creation tells something about man
e.Pandora tied to Prometheus
f. Zeus takes away fire and Prometheus takes it back
g.Produces women
h.Sacrifice, fire, both bad and good, animals can eat but cant use to farm, fire
can burn but keeps us warm
i.Needed for survival
j.Set us apart from god
i.Before used to eat with the gods
8. If we are immortal, we wouldnt need women, like no need for fire and meat
a.Women has to procreate
b.Blamed for fact men has to die
ii.Achilles blamed mother for living mortal, mother immortal
iii.Demeter snatch from fire
1.Profit as long as log burned out, son will love,
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