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mar 2

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Victoria Wohl

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CLA 232
1.Cant tell women from the outside, only the inside
2. Ideal for men, kalos, beauty, moral and physical
3.Gender division of space
a.Men most lives outside public
i.Farming, war, politics
b.Craftsman, blacksmith, certain amount of suspicion
i.Ruin bodies got pale and weak
ii.Work hard for a living, no time outdoors, things a gentleman does
c.Having his wife indoors
d.Wife man
4.Women quarters should be separated, women slave
5.Lysias: court cases this lawyer
6.Broke into my house, sister and nieces
7.Women kept totally under wraps
8.Religion out in public, uses settings for female mischief
9.Danger she will be seen by a man
a.Poor guy wife mother funeral seen, seduced
b.He ends up lover in their bed
c.Protecting the honor of all of Athenian women
11.Shows the values, ideals of society men take care of women, virtue women not seen
by strange men, child cant tell whos kid
12.Was this just for the elite?
a.For the upper classes

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b.Poor had to be out doing chores
c.Doesnt include hookers
d.Doesnt see a lot of honorable women outside
e. Ideal goes back themes of Pandora myth lives in everyday men and women
f. Genetically separate from men
g.Racial and special separation
h.Social separation written
i.Ancient pots, depicted in red clay, ruddy color
j.Women are white
i.Men go outside, women goes inside
13.Social arrangement
a.Nomos gets translated in physis
14.Division of space
b.Oikos: oikio
c.Men marry usually at 35
d.Dying when son only 10 must
e.Were not paid in the army, wage war 5-6 months a year when not in season,
not harvest
15.Marry girls just past puberty
a.13 15 years old
b.Very impressionable, teach her
c.Go off to war, remarriage is common
16.His fault if the women is bad
a.His fault if the women is a bad wife
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