17 Mar 2011
CLA 232 March. 9
Male physis and male nomos saves women
1.Anxiety about female sexuality
2.Good for the body, reproduction
3.Sexuality, pointless
a.Sex for fun useless, medical writings says
b.Bringing in your grain and putting them in a jar and pour them on the floor
c.Remind of Pandora, fruits of the labor gone
4.Worst, destructive
5.Nomen of trachis, deinira,
a.Heracles, cheating on wife
i.Fall in love with young women
b.Depiction passionate women, destroys the city
6.Sappho 31, about a love triangle watching her lover flirt with a man she is jealous
she wants to be the man
a.She compares to god hot women remain cal m
7.Sappho 96
a.Natural imagery female sexuality, beautiful peaceful,
iii.Bright in the night
8.Sappho 2
a.Natural with desire, delight, moistness in the water
9.Sappho 105,
a.Apple than men cant reach, cant see, can reach it, they destroy it
Aristocratic world
Homosexuality world, desire is homosexual desire
1.Wedding songs,
2.Sappho culture, part lives, having homosexual love affairs
a.Part of mans life
b.Adult man, take a young boy, puberty as lover, mentor
c.Erastes is the giver, older man
d.Eromenos is the lover, the young boy taking
a.Give of money
b.Stigma who has too many gifts, playing the role of eromenos until they got
too old
5.Homosexuality two adults together was disguising
6.Alcibades dozens of suitors Socrates the philopher
a.His choice who he wanted
b.Wanted Socrates
7.Relationship between equalities
a.No pressure for boyfriend for sex
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