Jan. 24th Lecture

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23 Mar 2011

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CLA 232 - Jan. 24th Lecture
Dionysus - "twice-born", Zeus & Semele, divine father, mortal mother
mediator between gods and mortals, bringing divinity to mortal existence, one of
the ways he does this is through wine,
dionysus depicted on cups and wine jugs frequently, worship him by drinking
wine, libation = drinking wine and pour ing out a little bit for the gods, for m of
worship, wine is a little taste of what it would be like to be a god,
wine is also dangerous, makes us forget who we are, give up our inhibitions,
Ikarios = f irst man to create wine, those dr inking his wine were excited by the
euphor ic feeling it created, as the night went on they got really dr unk and thought
that the wine was poison and killed Ikarios, story tells t he good and bad sides of
maenads = worshippers of dionysus
Bacchus is another name for Dionysus,
play is based somewhat on the dionysiac worship,
some facts based in women worshipping dionysus outside on the mount ain alone
in a group of women, inversion of social norms,
inversions of social nor ms and hierarchies, women beating men, kings
worshipping with common people, mor tals questioning gods,
dionysiac religion is full of inversions, forgetting oneself,
Ecstasy - standing out of yourself
enthusiasm - having a god inside
dionysiac religion seems crazy to some because it went against some of the
common greek virtues, greeks will claim he is a foreigner from asia,
apollo vs. dionysus - opposites but capture different aspects of religion and can be
present at the same time in greeks,
dionysus is also worshipped rationally by men in cities and not always as crazy as
the play depicts it,
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