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CLA 232 - Jan. 26th Lecture
Theatre of Dionysus in Athens,
satyr play, slapstick burlesque, written by the same playwright that wrote the
tragedy, comes at the end of the day after the tragedies, based on mythic or epic
scenes, but totally ludicrous scenes, vulgar,
satyrs are part human, part goat, and part horse, spend their lives drinking and
partying, try to have sex with the bacchants,
chorus of twelve men dress ed as a satyr,
light laugh, not complica ted humour, makes t he audience feel good again after the
we dont know much about satyr plays because none were preserved, cyclops is the
only full length satyr that remains today, large portions of others exist but only one
complete play,
Cyclops -
re-telling of the Odyssey, takes the plot but adds satyrs,
three way contrast, two extremes of savage behaviour and right in between the
perfect balance is the greek man odysseus,
pr imitive and savage, cyclops eats only meat including human meat,
satyrs eat nothing but drink,
trade, odysseus trades wine for food,
symposium, forging a community, everyone talking with each other, jokes or
politics, music, sometimes high class, got crazy sometimes with sex, dr inking
dr inking wine alone was not a good thing to do, it was perverted,
perverted symposium at the end of the play,
first and last word of the play is dionysus,
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