Jan. 31st Lecture

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23 Mar 2011
CLA 232 - Jan. 31st Lecture
greeks vs. barbarians, main differences = location, language, culture
foreigner helped define greeks as greeks, but what defined a foreigner,
Hellespont - bridge to greece, body of water that separates greece and asia, right
by the black sea,
barbarians, barbaroi, named after the way their speech sounded like to the greeks,
cultural differences, monarchies vs. free self-governing states, cultural differences
to greeks represented different values,
polis may have had its origins in asia, alphabet originated in asia,
genos - racial group,
cultural differences were most important to the g reeks, racial features such as skin
colour made no difference,
difference from the dark age to the classical era, foreigners as different but with a
sympathy, to how are they different and how they define us (better), one cause was
the Persian wars, persians viewed as feminine, slaves, to make greeks look manly,
and free
Persian Wars 490-480 BCE, military and cultural superiority,
first contacts with persia is the stealing of women back and for th,
Herodotus is careful to include the voices of other people as well as greeks,
women represent the perpetuation of the race, trading of women would equal
interracial offspr ing, why did herodotus begin this story as the stealing of women
and not anything else,
line between myth and history in herodotus is somewhat uncertain, personal vs.
political uncertain, individuals symbolize and affect the relations between cultures
at large,
Croesus of Lydia - f irst one to come into contact with the greeks, f irst contact
with greece through conf l ict and alliance, interaction between croesus and solon
is an allegory for the relationship between g reece and persia,
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