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CLA 232 - Feb. 2nd Lecture
subtleties in herodotus' description of the barba rians, attempt to see the persians
through their own eyes and on their own terms and even to see the greeks through
the eyes of the persians,
rich and elite of greece look to persia as their model when g reek was coming out
of the dark ages, hair like persians, long robes, symposium,
stereotype of greek superiority is the Eur ymedon Vase,
Halicarnassus, coast of asia minor, greek speaking area, called Ionia in the
Histories, conquered by persians and under persian rule until the persian war,
herodotus' mother was ionian but his father was possibly of the native tribe, half
greek half asian, has both perspectives,
autopsy = seeing things for yourself with your own eye, very impor tant to
history is viewing and judging, hence why autopsy is impor tant for history,
people tell him about their culture and he is relatively non-judgemental, tries to
see the logic,
herodotus claims - culture is king, book 3 section 38, says everyone if they had the
choice of picking any culture and religion of any people they would pick their
own, t he one they were raised under they w ill think is the best, pindar the poet
"custom is king of all",
other cultures might look crazy to outsiders, greeks think persian culture is crazy
but persians think greek culture is crazy, if each civilization thinks their culture is
king can lead to war,
war is a way to meet others and learn about their customs but in a very negative
way, herodotus attempts to have that same cultural interaction but in a positive
way, meet new people and ask the m about their stor ies as opposed to meeting new
people and killing them,
herodotus' interests - burial practices, religion, sex, food, dr ink, how they dress,
how t hey make war, transpor tation, agricultural practices,
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