Feb. 9th Lecture

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23 Mar 2011
CLA 232 - Feb. 9th Lecture
Hippocrates -
ethanographer, manual for travelling doctors,
a kind of parallel to herodotus in the way that he studies the different cultures of
shift from objective scientific descriptions to subjective judgements of their
ethnic difference is considered a type of ailment,
non-religious causes to diseases and epidemics,
cultural borrowing, greek traditions having their basis in barbarian culture,
medical explanation for what makes barabarians different from greek, trying to
quantify a difference that cannot be quantified,
perfect climate of persia makes them soft, tries to align his cultural prejudices and
his scientific observations,
since the persians are fighting for their king instead of themselves and their
country they are less willing to fight,
relationship between nature and culture,
physis/phusis vs. nomos = nature vs. culture, debate over which makes greeks who
they are, what makes the barbarians different,
bor n from the land - autocht hony **
metics - permanent alien residents in athens,
Antiphon - wrote "on truth", philosopher, everyone is a barbarian to each other, all
people are essentially the same, breath, walk, laugh, cry
nature and culture inf luence and change one another, differences between
barbarians and greeks is attributed to both phusis and nomos,
hippocrates wants to show not only t he difference between the two but also which
is better,
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