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CLA 232 - Feb. 16th Lecture
Medea -
colchics, metic, proxenos, xenia,
sexual stereotypes, parody of them, only an idiot can fall for these stereotypes,
stereotypes of women's weakness is countered by medea's strength,
if bravery (andrea) is manliness then how can women show bravery or be brave,
medea challgenges this, female andrea, feminist tirade on p. 38 she claims she
would rather f ight three battles than birth one child,
ponos = labour, giving birth as well as labours such as heroic accomplishments,
the ten labours of heracles,
medea comes out at the same time as pericle's funeral oration, character of medea
is a radical one,
emphasis on oaths between medea and jason, medea references oaths many times
including r ight at the beginning of the play,
oaths protected by Zeus, if you break an oath then you will be punished by Zeus,
medea sets herself up as an equal to jason,
philos = fr iend or loved one,
medea represents herself as one of his friends, equal, one of his heroic comrades,
kalokagathia = nobility, goodness and virtue, physical, social and moral goodness,
good inside and outside,
kakos = bad, evil, cowardly, a ll things bad inside and outside,
medea uses language of counterfei ting in describing jason, looks good at first
from the outside but inside he is a bad person, kalos on the outside, kakos on the
medea gives jason a lesson in ideal greek masculinity, tells him that he is not
living up to these ideals,
chorus seems to take medea's side, they try to inf luence the audience's opinion,
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