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CLA 232 - March 9th Lecture
Sappho -
woman's desire threatens to kill her, woman's desire is dangerous to women
themselves, overwhelming,
love like a moon, shining brighter than al l the stars,
sex as something beautiful and slow blooming,
female sexuality is not something violent or destructive,
women having homosexual love affairs and then still getting mar r ied,
pederasty - in athens a pretty normal and widespread part of a man's life, older
male often mar r ied would take a young boy around the age of puberty as his lover,
educational relation to the boy, erastes = older man (lover), eromenos = the boy
(beloved), the relationship was beneficial to both parties, f ine line between this
and prostitution, stigma against boy who were too promiscuous and had too many
lovers, also a stigma of boys doing this that were too old to be an eromenos (after
he started growing a beard), pederasty also thought to be good for war because
men would fight harder to impress their lover fighting next to them,
men did not talk about their wives in public,
men could lose their citizenship rights if they were caught working as a prostitute,
por nai = prostitute
hetairai = educated companionship and sex, high class escort servi ce, often
foreigners, one of the most famous hetairai was Aspasia who was with Pericles for
a long time,
pallakai = live in hetairai, live in mistress, usually before mar r iage but some
continued after marr iage but it was considered very bad taste if one continued to
have a relationship with a pallakai after marr iage,
lysistrata -
stereotypes of femininity,
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