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CLA 232 - March 21st Lecture
Sor tition and rotation of office are important parts of greek government,
sor tition - selection by lot, pick names out of an ur n, wealthy and aristocratic have
no better chance than everyone else,
alternation of ruling and being r uled, nobody could tell you what to do for more
than one year, public review of those that ruled after their r ule is over,
solon's democracy still governed by economic standing, not quite equality yet,
anyone can bring legal action upon someone who has committed a crime, in the
matter of a vote every man must choose a side none can stay impartial,
athens is very bureaucratic, 700 magistracies that had to be changed each year,
large cost of doing this was seen as necessary in order to prevent the consolidation
of power,
archons - 9 of them, chief administrators,
strategos - general, one office that wasnt chose by lot,
boule - board of 500 people, chosen each year from among the different tribes, no
person could serve more than twice,
ekklesia, kratos, demos, seisachtheia, liturgies,
demokratia - everyone has a chance to participate, in theory, there were practical
impediments to full participation, sovereign power of t he demos
aristokratia - aristocracy, rich wanted this because t hey thought the best polis was
one that was governed by the best people and they believed that they were the best
anti-democratic texts, no existing texts that are pro-democratic, anti-democratic
writers used the word demos with a sneer, disparaging view of democracy,
demokratia meant the tyranny or aut hority of the mob to these people,
"constitution of athens" - angry author, not the same xenophon that wrote the
oikonomos, critique of athenian democracry masked in praise, class-divided view
of the world, danger is that t he elite feel so disenfranchised from the rule of the
demos that they would turn against their city, 411 and 413 BCE the democracy
was temporarily overthrown by two oligarchic coups,
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