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Feb.1 - Lucan's Civil War [antisigma slide notes incl.]

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Erik Gunderson

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Roman Emperors
The Julio Claudian Dynasty
Augustus (27BC-14AD)
Tiberius (14-37AD)
Gaius (Caligula) (37-41AD)
ocrazy bastard
Claudius (41-52AD)
Nero (54-68AD)
ofirst young and guided by too supervisors and does well and then goes crazy
The Year of Four Emperors (69AD)
ogeneral in Spain
oassumes the title of Caesar after Neros suicide in 68
oangered when not named successor
oPraetorian Guard at Rome names him emperor
onamed emperor by the German armies
omarches for Rome
odefeats Otho in battle
oEastern armies back him
omarches against Vitellius
The Flavian Dynasty
Vespasian (69-79AD)
Titus (79-81AD)
Domitian (81-96AD)
The Five Good Emperors (And One Very Bad One)
Nerva (96-98AD)
onamed emperor by senate after assassination of Domitian
Trajan (98-117AD)
Hadrian (117-138AD)
Antoninus Pius (138-161AD)
Marcus Aurelius (161-180)
Commodus (177-180; 180-192)
Epic Poetry at Rome
The First Poets
Livius Andronicus (280/260 BCE?–200 BCE?)
oA Latin translation of Homers Odyssey
Naevius (ca. 264–201 BCE)
o Punic War: contemporary events as epic poetry
Ennius (239 -169 BCE)
oAnnals: Roman history from Troy to the censorship of Cato the Elder (184BCE)
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