17 Mar 2011

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The Roman Emperors
Augustus 27BC 14AD
Tiberius 14 37 AD
1.Treason trials Echo Sulla, a lot of money useful
2.Part of the imperial system
3.Emperor can be a monster
Gaius Caligula 37-41 AD
1.Can be monster
Claudius 41 52 AD
1.Never thought it would be an emperor
2.Puts freedman
3.Female inquiry
4.Allegory for other concerns
a.Women and what they really did
Nero 54 68 AD
1.Rules for long time
2.2 halves, good Nero and bad Nero
3.Young, guided by 2 supervisors
4.Seneca, birth
5.Then becomes bad emperor, does more harm than Caligula
6.A lot of deaths who were his successor
7.All have military backing fights for who can grab Rome
Vespasian 69 79 AD
1.Empire restore
Titus 79 81
Epic Poetry at Rome
1.Livius Andronicus (280/ 260 BCE?)
a.A latin translations of homers odyssey
2.Naevius (ca. 264 201 BCE)
a.Punic war comtempory events as epic poetry
3.Ennius 239 269 BCE
a.Annals: roman history from troy to the censorship of Cato the elder 18 BCE
4.Vergil 70 19 BCE
a.Aenid the founding of Rome
5.Ovid (43 BCE 17 CE
a.Metamorphis recognize the epic with a massive collection of myths, change
6.Lucan 39 CE 65 CE
a.Thebuild the seven against thebes story of myth
b.Achilles, the Achilles story from myth
8.Valerius flaccus dies c.90
a.Argonautica the Jason and the aegonauts story from myth
Why did this all happen?
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