Cla 233
1.Question has an answer more than one answer give one of them
Ex. First emperor of Rome Romulus
2.Between 25 and 50 questions
3.Questions from readings and lecture
4.Up to date the issues that matter
5.Lucreatia, getting rape
Julius Caesar
1.102/ 100 BCE born into a noble but not very rich or influential family
2.85 BCE compared to Sulla , proscribed by Sulla hides eventually pardoned
3.79 BCE military service an embassy to Nicomedes king of Bithynia
4.78 BCE death of Sulla and return of Caesar to Rome
5.72 BCE military tribune
6.67 BCE queastor gets a seat in the senate
a.Marries granddaughter of sulla
b.Supports Pompey’s command against pirates
7.60 BCE joins with Pompey and Crassus to from the first triumvirate
a.They pool their vast resources and influence for mutual support
b.59 BCE elected consul
c.Has daughter gets married to Pompey
8.58 BCE the beginning of 9 years of generalship of Gaul
9.56 BCE, the triumvirate renewed
10.54 BCE expedition to Britian
a.Death of daughter Julia who was married to Pompey
b.Death of Crassus killed fighting of Parthians
11.52 BCE civil
a.Caesar wants to run for consul
b.He has to lay down his command to run for office
c. If he lays down his command, his enemies promise to prosecute him
d.Caesar proposes that he be allowed to run for office though not in Rome, this
is not allowed, and he cannot secure an exception in his case
e.49 BCE Caesar enters Italy without laying down his command: civil war
13.49 BCE pompey 2nd his faction flee Italy Caesar takes Rome , has himself dictator
14.48 pompey dictator for the 3rd time, consol for 4th
a.Roles without consulting the senate
b.Defeats two sons of pompey and celebrates a triumph over his Roman foes
15.44 BCE, named dictator for life, assassinated
a.Great speaker, great order
b.Words are simple, seductiveness
17.Civil war
a.Lucan not a lot of blood, few battle, when they are battles, eyes being ripped
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