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Jan 27

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Erik Gunderson

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CLA 233 Jan.27
1.What is this class about?
a.Track evolution
b.Look into roman literature and interpret them
a.Plebian class a tribune in order to maintain political direction
b.Work with the tribunes beloved by the people as well
3.Two shorts of centers
a.Self interest
i.Which version: your class or another one to span out
ii.More success over time using popular connections
4.Rise of the great generals
a.Sulla is one
i.Complicates senate is gentlemens club
ii.Armies on their backs
iii.Major theme
1.Tensions break out occupants of public land
2.Who can use it
3.Hold out against the landless
a.Old citizen vs. new citizen
b. Italians vs. Romans
c.Social war
d.slave owners vs. slaves
6.major reform of sulla

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b.and marius jr.
7.leave farm, fight and win then go back home model, no farm to leave
a.go fight, loot, dont have anything to return to
9.different sort of person and war might mean in your life
10.incentive to keep on fighting
11.marius eliminates of property requirements, radical
a.need more troops
b.detach troops new type of economic structure
c.vassal army, economic profit in army rather than land
12. the army and the late republic
a. the beginning of marius
b.marius elimates the property requirement 107 BC
c.poor volunteers do not at once become the norm
d. troop shortages mean the levy
13. the old roman army
a. the original roman army is drawn from the free citizenry of Rome
b.geometrical contributes the army are roman citizens rather than Romans in geographical sense
15.rough countrymen and strangers to Rome
a.Caesar leads recently enfranchised gauls
b.Crassus leads army of southern Italians
c.pompey leads army of father clients
16. the army remains casears army
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