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Jan 25

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Erik Gunderson

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CLA 233 Jan. 15
The Augustan Revolution
Overview of his life
1.Born Octavian in 63 BC
2.Named Julius Caesars heir in 44 BCE
3.Defeats Antonius at Actium in 31 BCE he now has no rivals for power
4.Receives the title Augustus in 27 BCE and imperium for 10 years
5.Receives his core powers in 23 BCE
6.Dies in 14 CE
The Rise
1.Aggressively pursues power granted to him by Caesars will
2.Mobilizes Caesars clients
3.Takes up arms against Antonius his former ally
4.Secures broad military
5.The strategy
a.Aggregate existing powers rather than claim new ones
b.Multiple simultaneous powers
c.Office held in succession
d.Monopolize key military commands
f. Euphemism, never admit that there is substantial change afoot
g.Dont die
6.The key powers
a. Imperium proconsulare, power over the army
b. Imperium consulare, power over the city of Rome
c.Tirbunicia postestas: the right to veto anything
d.Multiple consulships
7.The self presentation
a.Enimes are a faction and or foreigners avoids the diction of civil war
b.Pietas, filial piety
i.Best citizen
c.Autoritas, prestige and influence
d.Princeps first citizen
e. Imperator general
f. Augustus venerable
g.Refusal of excessive honors
i.Make a show that doesnt want power but he already has it
ii.Want to be the healer
iii.Livy says who buys into it who didnt does he believe?
8. Imperial age transformations : Continuity
a.Gradation still fundamental there is a differentiated place for everyone
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