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Jan 18

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Erik Gunderson

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CLA 233 Jan. 18
1.What are values of the roman values?
2.Themes ideals
3.Livy, history as a story, plots, characters events
4.Other versions of the story
5.Tends to be Rome not always dominate
6.City of the poor not the rich
7.City about the women not only the men
8.Most part preserves different dominant factions
9.Roman expansion
b.Three major wars
c.264- 241; 218-201. 149- 146 BC
d.Series of interventions
e.Liberated Greece is a protectorate
f. Egypt Eastern front
i.Ptolemaic rulers propped up by Rome
ii.Land in Asia minor
iii.Bequeathed to Rome (133)
10.Northern western fronts
a.Spanish provinces in 197 BC
b. Intervention in and annexation of southern Gaul in 121 BC
c.Gallic wars 58 51 Caesar in general
11.Aristocratic of early Rome
a.Consists of fighting of Romans, warrior citizen

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b.Participates in organized aristocratic community
c.Closed aristocracy at first
d.Virtual monopoly on religious political rights
e.Can we open this up
f. Ultimate product is a complicated system
g.Constant struggle of time
h.Family, household center of activity, the slaves what family might be is clients
i.Patron has more power and more money lend him your political work or do
j.Client helps you to get elected
k.Patron defends client in court 10 : 1 ratio
l.Whole cities can be under the protection of patrons
m.Relationship of social obligation
12.Book 1 livy talks about centuriate assembly
13.Tribal assembly kick patracians out
14.Roman assemblies
a.Types of assembly
i.Comitia cuiata
2.Patriacians organized into 30 curiae
ii.Comitia centuria
1.The army assembly
2.Overseen by the consuls
3.Divided by property
4.Heavily weighted towards rich
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