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mar 15

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Erik Gunderson

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CLA 233 March. 15
Sex and society
1.Where does this fit in?
2.Where does this dirstiness
3.Marshal, these poems, collection of poems not all dirty
4.Places one might encounter sexual contact in rome
5.One place we learn of sex is at home
6.Private place, pay for sex,
a.Find sex in the party
b.Parties are sexy
7.Sexual assault upon commanding soldier and the other
8.Slaves, they may raise eye brown frown upon but not illegal
a.However, kind of sex with slave
b.Some problems, scary sex
c.Men and boys, talking about it problem a boy will become a man
9.Night time parties, festivals,
10.Sex and power intersect
12.Head of house hold, and head of sex
13.Sex is hierarchal, doer and the done too
14.Other mens wives, a problem,
15.People with hair, people with power
16.Boy doesnt enjoy it,
17.One is poetic, flowering love: Ganymade poem
18.Other is harsh, hardcore : dick poem
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