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mar 7

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Erik Gunderson

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CLA 233 Mar. 8
Plutach, the life of Demetrius
1.They didnt pay taxes but we do?
2.Why Romans dont pay taxes
a.They have an empire
c.You learn things in these lives
3.The augustan revoluition
4.Born octavian in 63 BCE
5.Named Julius Caesars heir in 44 BCE
6.Aggressively pursues power granted to him by Caesar
7.Born 83 BCE
8.57 54 serves in Palestine and Egypt
9.51 questor
10.49 tribune expulsion is one of the justification for the civil war
11.48 commands one of the wings at the decisive battle of Pharsalus
12.42: instrumental in defeat Brutus and Cassius the assassins of Caesar
13.42: given the eastern half of the Roman empire
14.42: meets Cleopatra
15.41: Egypt with Cleopatra
16.36: the disastrous Parthian expedition
1.44. Leaves Rome when Caesar killed
2.43: sides with dolabella who recognized Caesarion as her co ruler
3.41: Meets Antony: Alexander Sun and Cleopatra Moon
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