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mar 1

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Erik Gunderson

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CLA 233 Mar. 01, 2011
2.Romans are taught in schools
3.How Romans work, class of things
4.Virtue is a abstract category
5.Cato is a virtues member
6.Roman values
a.Discussed by these specific cases
b.Aka like snookie from jersey shore
c.Cato wanted to turn into someone like her
7.Moralize categories
a.People and events represent categories
8.Collect stories about Catos virtues
9.Good historical documentation
10.Cato himself is the source of fragment songs of our ancestors
a.Sings stories of virtuous old
b.You would be a performer in stories past
c.Values of the past and making it to the present, live up to the past and what
u are going to do in the future
11.Young heir tells the story member of this house did, promises himself will reproduce
all those virtues
a.Lost one but getting a new one
12.Livy history reproduce these stories, a collection of figures and poetry
13.Aeneas, annals, roman state abides ancient character and its men
14.Orator, trained a virtue of a Cato
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