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CLA 233 - Jan. 25th Lecture
Augustus only 19 when Caesar dies
augustus uses benefaction to his advantage, coming out of civil war he gives the
people what they want in order to increase support,
Livy Book II -
order vs. disorder and how are we going to smooth everything over,
what do the good politics look like, what are the for mulas for good politics,
children never g row up, plebeians never grow up, always subjects to the higher
35 - good dictator
money problems, problems paying t he army,
constant antithesis, foreign vs. domestic, recurring theme in book II,
32 - army leaves rome,
Agrippa - tells army a fable, impor tance of the aristocrats to roman society,
tribunes of the plebs is created, plebeian magistrate, works alongside the
patricians, exclusive to plebeians,
rome is a history of great individuals of nobility and character,
famine after succession, thoughts of trading food to the plebs in exchange for them
giving up the power they received with the tribune of the plebs, doesnt actually
structure of politics proper and improper, unofficial politics of people who are
unofficial political players but have an inf luence on the politics of rome, women
are key players of this type, sometimes only non political people can solve a
problem because the politicians are so used to looking at things the s ame way,
slaves and freedmen also are part of this, after helping solve a problem they are
expected to return to their for mer position
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