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CLA 233 - Feb. 3rd Lecture
lots of descriptions of foreignness in caesars text, wants people to focus more on
caesar shapes the story in his favour, neutral tone,
his own historian, written in the third person, helps add to the air of neutrality and
simple vocabulary,
not a lot of blood and gore, few stor ies of battles, caesar seems reluctant to do
battle, defections from other armies to caesdar's side,
foreignness, giving foreign attributes to pompeys army, making them seem less
like romans,
caesar just standing up for what he has to, no choic e it was the way it had to be,
important passages - section 20 mutiny, caesars address to the senate, 4 4-45
comparison of troops, beginning scene, fighting t actics and strategy at the end,
clemency vs. ferocity 74-76, very end,
lucan's caesar vs. caesar's caesar,
desertion of troops, surrendering their general is portrayed as not a problem but
the troops conspiring behind their leaders back is a big problem,
consul appears to be in favour of f ighting in the face of caesar and many senators
who do not wish to fight,
caesar lets the reader come to their own conclusions but he sets it up so that they
will reach the conclusions he wants,
fear in rome before war even starts, pompey's troops are making public life
cato portrayed as bitter and holding a grudge rather than virtuous and honourable
as in lucan,
section 7 caesar addresses his troops,
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