Feb. 15th Lecture

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Published on 23 Mar 2011
CLA 233 - Feb. 15th Lecture
plautus - braggart soldier
what you see and what you get may be two different things,
romans putting on a show, triumphs,
gladiator games, not much written about it, part of life but littel documentation,
state funerals at rome, son praises his father who passes away and by doing so
accepts the task of car r ying on his father's legacy, consuls have a death mask
made of them to remain in their house after their death,
if adulterers were beaten more frequently then there would be less of them in
rome, dont let sleezy men take your wife,
seneca -
us vs. them logic,
leave home a good man and come back something wors e,
healthy virtuous or sick and vice r idden,
punishment is watching the show,
don't let children view the games and spectacles,
aristocrats must be more careful than others,
theatricality in the letter, pr ivate spectacle, two people looking at each other is a
pr ivate show,
exclusivity, defining oneself against the mob,
golden ass -
spectacle at the very end of the book, shows how big spectacles are,
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