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Feb. 17th Lecture

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Erik Gunderson

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CLA 233 - Feb. 17th Lecture
cool stage names of gladiators, show aspect, bad guys and good guys,
fights vs. animals, animals had to be prodded and made to act like the people
wanted them to,
equivalent of watching junk tv today,
only knights can sit in the first 14 rows, at caesar's theatre you could fit 1400-1500
in these first 14 rows but there were 1800 knights,
it appears that patron/client relationships had a lot to play in who got to sit in the
women get the worst seats, before augustus they sat with t he men but he changed
how caesar behaved at the shows was very important, essential for understanding
home life,
emperors at the shows, lots of infor mation,
games become politicized because the emperor is there,
martial's poems attached to the f lavian theatres,
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